Only those students who are listed below are licensed.
If you wish to be licensed and listed below, please go to "Renew your license section" on this website
Licensed Practitioners

Thailand, Nam Khem    

Ampika Auyasakul

Picture with signature 2.jpg

Norway, Stavanger & Sandnes

+47 91137089      

Edith A. Moik (Mali)

Licensed Trainers

Founder and Master Trainer

Thailand, Nam Khem

Pathompon Aiyarattanaruk (Jack Shaman)


Germany, Hamburg

+49 15756000334

Luksamee Teich


Germany, Hamburg

+49 17657602244

Maneerat Bossog

Kanawan Changyom Arvidsson.jpg

Norway, Oslo

+47 95556419

Kanawan Changyom Arvidsson

Duangchai Chonsungnoen.jpg

Norway, Oslo


Duangchai Chonsungnoen